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Social Media - Join Me

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to your comments, feedback, and what-have-you!

I tend to try out a lot of social sites, but few become one's on which I'm actively engaged.  I claimed my page, added an image, links to social sites, a few pieces of info, now I'm not so sure what I'm supposed to do with this.  This is the longtime home to my community news site, NewsOverCoffee, which I stopped posting to on 12/31/11 . My plan is to give it to the local library as a chronicle of the past five years.  Not a social network, but a great social tool. I post from Feedly (mostly) to BufferApp, and BufferApp is connected to Twitter and LinkedIn, and sends posts on a customized schedule for each.  I enjoy the game and try to keep a few going, but don't expect more than a move or two a day tops. I previously used Redhotpawn, Gameknot, and

Delicious  I was an early user of Delicious and stopped using the site in 2009, about when I shifted to using Google Reader.

Delicious  I also have a NewsOverCoffee account where content is archived on Delicious via Posterous.

Facebook  Mostly personal, plus my Music contacts use pages to promote themselves and my Motorsports contacts are here as a Rolodex.

Goodreads  I've found this site to be very good to organize what I want to read, to read reviews on books by others, and to post my own reviews. Not so sure of the recent decision for the site to delete user reviews if deemed to be more about the author than the author's work.

Google +  Lots of potential for a range of uses, I really like the communities, plus is nice to have all my Google services being brought under one roof/navigation.

IFTTT  Not really a social site, except that you can view others' recipes and use them. I'm no power user, but I do have four active recipes. One checks for a Spot the Station email alert in Gmail and sends me a text message. My second active recipe takes everything I submit to BufferApp and sends it to Evernote. Third sends Foursquare check-ins to Facebook. And final one sends Instagram to Facebook.

Instagram  I have an account, but find I don't use it too often.

LinkedIn  No surprise here, mostly business contacts with a few personal, music, and motorsports mixed in.

Plinky  This site I tried for a while, it provides a daily writing prompt. You can follow people, like their response to a prompt, etc. Apparently they've changed their log-in process and I couldn't figure out which email I used to set it up, so no longer using it.

Posterous  I used this service to send by email content for NewsOverCoffee.  The email goes to Posterous, which posts the content, and then forwards it to FriendFeed, Blogger, and Twitter for distribution.

Slideshare  I've only used this a few times, but very good site for sharing presentations. I have two related to small business and one for the Center for the Arts.

Squidoo  I tried using this site to create some how-to's on placeblogging related to NewsOverCoffee, but never got too engaged and after a few posts stopped using it.

Tumblr  New one for me. I had heard a lot about it and decided to try it. This site seems well suited to promote the Nazareth Center for the Arts and the performers who play there, but since I'm no longer involved I kind of let it go.

Twitter - Corey Lewis Racing  We created this account to write about Corey's progress in becoming an open-wheel race car driver. He maintains his own personal account and we've done little with this recently.

Twitter - NewsOverCoffee  This account reposts my content for NewsOverCoffee, which is my community news Web site.

Twitter - Personal  On this account I post content related to the web, metrics, online marketing, etc. Posts I make here are sent to this account via Bufferapp. I also post about motorsports particularly open-wheel with some endurance racing.

Twylah  This site is good to provide a little more visualization and categorization to the content I Tweet about. I tend to more often go to Evernote to search content I've shared as I autopost all Tweets from BufferApp and use IFTTT to send everything to Evernote.  I set this account up in 2005 and used it to create a community calendar for NewsOverCoffee. It was since purchased by Yahoo. I haven't used it in recent years.

Vimeo  I set this account up to post videos related to the Nazareth Center for the Arts.

WordPress  I blogged with this for some time until the recent decision to move to DrupalGardens.

YouTube  I only posted a few videos for Corey Lewis Racing. Mostly I've used Vimeo to post for the Arts Center, but not under my name.