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Pope Francis - The Name of God is Mercy

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on Mon, 05/23/2016 - 14:40

The Name of God is Mercy by Pope Francis
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I was born and raised Catholic (though today I go to my wife's Lutheran Church to worship) and only 7 years old when Pope John Paul II was elected as Pope. So most of my very formative years and young adult hood were during his time as Pope.

I became fascinated by how historic and different this Pope was from those who came before him.

In only a short time, Pope Francis has struck me in the same way. When I saw "The Name of God is Mercy" at the Library, I quickly looked it over and thought it would be a good weekend read.

I was not disappointed.

It is not a complicated work. It is essentially a Q & A between Pope Francis and Vatican reporter Andrea Tornielli. Pope Francis in his answers often provides his position along with examples. These examples include his experiences, historical events and writings, and Biblical stories.

While simple and straight-forward, if you are open to considering these words it is also very thought-provoking.

While obviously the main emphasis is seeking mercy from God, a large part is self-assessment. Can you be critical enough of yourself to know to seek mercy from God? Are you willing to seek out those who need your mercy - and give it?

Simple, but powerful and well-articulated.

As it is graduation season at many schools, I would suggest this book would make a great gift for someone moving on to the next phase of their life as a means of helping them determine how they want to live their life.

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