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on Fri, 02/05/2016 - 22:18

Every once in a while I'll Google search myself to see what is on the first page or two and then I go deep and always find pages I've probably visited before, but had forgotten all about. Today, I did that and here were some of my finds:

Green Geeks provided an overview of the 2015 NYC Drupal Camp, in which Nick Vahalik of Commerce Guys and I managed the Business Summit.

Lehigh Valley Live is the website for the Express-Times our local daily. This article quoted me when I was serving as the Business Manager of our local Arts Center. We featured a different artist each month and had many musical performers. Both Erin Kelly and Angela Easterling performed. The article is a preview, the show was great, and I've enjoyed following both of their lives and careers.

When I ran the HCMA (Healthcare Communications and Marketing Association) we put on an Annual Conference and Awards Program. Business Wire posted our press release. I remember the event well, Mark Perletto of Adair Greene McCann coordinated the event and I worked closely with him and Marita Gomez handled our PR. We have all stayed in touch through the years and that is special to me.

For several years I managed/ran one of the earliest placeblogs in the country for the community of Nazareth, PA. I took it a step further than online and held some in-person events as well. I found this post from a fellow blogger on an event in town featuring an open-house with the candidates running for Justice Magistrate. I always found meeting the people who are running for office is the best way to decide if you want to vote for them or not.

Three years in a row I spoke at Digital Marketing for Medical Devices West presented by EXL. The event is held in the spring and typically has around 125 people over two days, not including the pre-conference sessions. I got to know many people who returned each year and had the privilege of presenting the first two years and participating on a panel the third year. Found this link with event information for last year's event in San Francisco (a place I really love to visit).

After launching our new Medical Systems Group website at Olympus, we had some challenges around management and maintenance. We called on Blink Reaction, now FFW, to conduct an audit and workshop on how to go from here to there. They posted this brief casestudy.

Tish Grier was a fellow placeblogger back in the day when "citizen journalism" was greatly discussed and debated. In this post she quotes me on the topic, "What will you do if you local newspaper shuts down?"

Digital Pharma East is one of the biggest, if not biggest conferences in the pharma sector and in 2014 I was invited to speak on a panel addressing managing vendor relations. Not sure why the overview was included on, but I found it!

This was a fun one, I provided play-by-play radio for Lehigh University's wrestling team. Found a press release in advance of the EIWA Championships including my name and air-times. Heading into the tournament, the team was ranked #4 in the NCAA Division I class.

How can you not love being named a "broadcast veteran", this post was made by the Patriot League in which Lehigh is a member.

Found this Slideshare presentation that featured me on slide 20 - very cool! Created by David Corbacho, Senior Developer, Wunderkraut. It's a Drupal thing. I know of this company, but never worked with them or talked to them. I posted here and shared on Twitter and Linked In those posts following my first Drupalcon in Austin and they must have grabbed it from them.

This post was from the local Patch, which was a placeblog network by AOL intended to be local and national - didn't work, but they were featuring an event I put together with some of my then colleagues at Olympus to raise money for the relief effort of the Earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan. Trevor Gordon Hall, an amazing guitar player was our featured performer. He is also an incredibly nice person.

An article from the Express-Times' Lehigh Valley Live about Evelyn Huth quoted me on her contribution to the community that I made on my placeblog. There were many years between Evelyn and I, but she saw the interest I took in our community and complimented me very nicely for doing so. I never forgot that and wanted to honor her as best I could.