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About Ross Nunamaker

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to your comments, feedback, and what-have-you!


All opinions on this site are my own, not my employer | unless noted otherwise in a post, I have not received gifted product/service or compensation in exchange for any content on this site


I live in Nazareth, PA with my wife, Jill, and daughters Alexa and Olivia. My wife and I both grew up in the community and we enjoy living in the borough being able to walk through town to the library and our many parks.

We have a German Shepherd, Arizona and previously had a Lab/Shepherd mix, Nittany.

Our family enjoys spending time together playing board games, cooking/grilling, and making. I like woodworking projects (read a post by a local site I contributed to here) and the girls are very good with crafts, knitting (my daughter makes scarves including Alpaca and donates a portion of proceeds to our local food bank), stitching, drawing, painting, etc.

We are also avid readers (I use Goodreads and used some of their widgets to pull reviews into this site) and writers.

I grew up collecting baseball cards and got into coin collecting (though I'm not active today) through both coins given to me from my grandfather who was in the service and the US Mint where I annually purchase proof and/or commemorative sets. I've listed some groups of collectibles here.

In 2005 I launched one of the first placeblogs, NewsOverCoffee. The site was recognized by both daily regional newspapers for its value to the community (fellow blogger on my last post). I ran the site for five years and learned alot about building an online community.

In 2007, while volunteering for the Nazareth Main Street Association, I suggested holding an event in the downtown to coincide with the Unofficial Martin Users Forum’s annual pilgrimage to the C.F. Martin Guitar factory and in 2008 "Martin on Main" was born. The event now attracts thousands to the downtown for music, crafts, and food.

Late 2009 I was asked to manage a Center for the Arts in our town. A volunteer group, many of whom I worked with in the Downtown Association, were able to convince the borough not to sell the former municipal building and converted it into a Center for the Arts. They had renovated the facility and organized a kick-off weekend, but didn't have events planned after that. I spent the next two years scheduling performances, promoting events, and being onsite during shows. I've since handed off my role, but am proud of all we accomplished to get the Center launched. During my time with the organization we had a special exhibit by the Art Ambassador of Nigeria, who had won the UN's prestigious international art contest. Works of his were shipped from the UN to our venue for the show. We had two Grammy nominated performers and a contestant from American Idol. I also met a lot of amazingly talented performers (show videos available here).


I'm currently seeking a new opportunity following the elimination of my position at Olympus. This was the second newly created position that I was hired into that ultimately was then eliminated following a restructuring. I'd prefer staying in healthcare, preferably medical device, pharmaceutical or biotech. I'd also be mostly interested in a digital strategy role or a digital project management position. I'll complete my certificate in project management at the end of April through Cal-Berkeley.

One vendor referred to me as a "digital marketing Swiss army knife" because my position at Olympus had me covering everything related to marketing online plus analytics. I like to think, problem-solve, facilitate and mentor. 

Manager, eMarketing Strategy & Analytics, Medical Systems Group, Olympus America Inc.

I worked at Olympus from December of 2010 through October 2015. I led the project to rebuild the Medical Systems Group website in the US on the Drupal Web CMS. I also led platform revision wherein a centralized content hub is where content is created, revised, and approved through regulatory in English and distributed to country sites for Brazil, Canada, Latin America, Mexico, and the United States. At the local level content can be localized, translated, or published as is. The US site is live, the others were in content review when my position was eliminated. I was generally responsible for web engagement including online marketing strategy, marketing database management, and marketing analytics.

The launch of the new site resulted in overall site traffic increasing 70% with over half of the increase coming from organic traffic, a direct result of the SEO effort put into the new platform. For the first time we are able to track website leads to opportunities to sales and 94% of sales are new customers. Within one year the sales generated have outpaced the cost to build the site.

I am a member of the Digital Analytics Association and the Drupal Association.

Prior to joining Olympus, I spent ten years in the non-profit sector serving several roles, including Communications Manager, Membership Manager, Program Manager, and Associate Executive Director for the Healthcare Marketing & Communications Council (HMC Council), the Medical Marketing Association (MMA), and the Healthcare Communications and Marketing Association (HCMA).

I began my career in government and politics after graduating from the University of Arizona.

Additional Information

I've included testimonials on my work, thoughts on digital, and a range of social sites and tools I use in other sections of this site.

My fifteen years of professional experience includes positions in the government, education, non-profit, and for-profit sectors.

Twice I was hired into a brand new position and twice promoted into new positions, provinding me with significant experience introducing process and workflow change to organizations.

I've also introduced new technologies and solutions. I've developed databases, led CRM platform transitions, audited systems, and refined and revised existing systems to maximize efficiency and value.

On customer facing communications, I've led branding and re-branding initiatives, developed and revised Web sites, managed media relations, and developed promotional campaigns to prospects, members, and customers for events, membership, and products.

Between professional positions, I applied these skills to a local auto dealership by auditing a recently installed CRM product. I worked with the vendor to correct issues, many previously unknown, and then revised the Web site and implemented best practice lead management techniques. The result was an increase in web traffic, prospects, and leads for four consecutive months. In late July Chevrolet conducted a Lead Engagement review of every dealership in the country. This was a ‘secret shopper’ program and on a 200 point score, with a national average of 70, my process resulted in a score of 186. The dealership also received a quarterly bonus from Chevrolet as a result of their response rate based on data from the CRM.

In addition to new media, I have gained traditional media experience as a part of my engagement in the local community, I provided play-by-play and color commentary on local radio and television, was a columnist for a weekly community publication, a newsletter advisor and editor, and in college I interned as an Editorial Assistant at Al-Majal, published by the now defunct USIA.

Whenever I can help out, I provide sports car and open-wheel driver Corey Lewis with marketing, communications, and business assistance. Corey recently partnered with Monster Energy and Change Racing to compete in the 2015 Lamborgini Super Trofeo Championship where he won 12 straight class victories to claim the Pro-Am Championship and he then won two more for the World Series Class Title.  Previously Corey has gained press coverage and the opportunity for him to compete in several formula Mazda pro races and IMSA sanctioned events. In 2014 he kissed the bricks at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway making the winning pass on the final lap. In 2016 he will be competing in the WeatherTech Sportscar Challenge GTD class in a Lamborgini Huracan. The season opens with the 24 Hours of Daytona. He will also be co-driver and driving coach for Strategic Wealth in the Continental Tire Series.